How to make a gaming forum?

I want to create a community forum website for gamers and I was wondering where is the best place to start? I want to be able to manage and develop the site as easy as possible without too much coding because my web development skills are not that sharp.


Why don’t you use a content management system like WordPress or Drupal? Then you can do as much or as little coding as you like.

WordPress has a plugin, bbpress, for forums (, that is pretty good.

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I’ve played around with bbPress a bit but the themes I’ve tried haven’t played nice with it. Where can I find some pretty compatible themes?

I tried Googling “WordPress + themes that work with bbpress” and came up with quite a few results. I’m sorry I can’t recommend any specific theme because I haven’t worked with bbpress on any of my WordPress sites, but have you taken a look at some of those search results?

Yes of course! I’m now considering Muut. It seems promising.

Kosar. How is your forum idea going?

What type of gaming? pc or console or both???

I’d be able to help out on the design and admin portion parts…

Hey Kosar,

The downside of MUUT is the fee you’d have to pay for having a private forum. Have you tried to search for gaming specific WordPress themes on google/themeforrest? I think those might be a better choice than other multi purpose companies like Themecircle or Templatemonster as they are more specified with plugins for what you specifically need.
If you get a gaming theme (like here, I believe they produce mostly gaming themes) you will get a built in ‘drag and drop’ type of site creation and a support system.
Good luck bro. :wink:

It is on hold for now unfortunately.

PC mostly but we’ve decided not to create the site before we sort some things within the community,
Thank you for your offer.

I have looked up a couple of themes, I tried phpBB and I kinda liked it but the themes weren’t visually pleasing that much and they that phpBB suffers when you have too many users. I like the solutions provided by Invision Power but too expensive.

Thank you for the link. They look nice.

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