How to make a custom website with HTML?

I am new here… I want to create a cutom website with the help of html and CSS. I’ve basic knowledge of html and css… Recently, I’ve created a website with worpress but I don’t have any experience with custom website. My question is it eas for me to develop a custom website with basic knowledge of html and css? Or do I need to hire a developer to build a website for me? Please guide me, Thanks.


How easy it is depends on what you want to achieve.

You could find a suitable template and start with a few pages.

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Well it depends on what you want the website to do. But no, creating a website with HTML and CSS is not hard at all. You said you have some basic knowledge, so you probably created an HTML file, wrote some HTML and stylized it with CSS. Now you just take that page and upload it to a web host on the Internet and boom, you have a site.

Custom websites can be as simple and complex as you need, but if you want to learn and be a web developer, then I suggest you at least start with something simple and add onto it.

Now as far as WordPress is concerned, that is a full system and uses HTML/CSS and JavaScript but is also built on PHP which is a bit more advanced. The platform is easy to use and if you are just interested in having a website, it is a good platform to start with if you don’t have much coding experience. You can customize the site with themes and plugins you download and are easy to install.

So again, it all depends on what you want the website to do on how complex it needs to be. If you just want a website to say “Hello! My name is Jasmin123” then you don’t need much. If you want an ecommerce site, well that is a bit more. :slight_smile:

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Hi Martyr,
Thanks for guiding me in detail. Yeah I told that I’ve a basic knowledge of html and css, but I want to create a gaming website in which I want to review on different games and apps. For this, I’ve savde a gaming website URL and want to create same like this but with Html and CSS. Can I share URL of that site so I just want to know that Can i create this types of site with html and CSS?
Waiting for your reply,

Hi again,

IMHO, that would seem more of a site promotion than telling us what you woiuld like to achieve.

Instead of sharing a site you like to copy, I suggest you describe what you like to do in detail, like what content/experience you want to give your visitors.

As mentioned by Erik, no need to share a site.

Based on what you have told me, you can do everything you want with your simple WordPress website. Get yourself a nice theme (there are literally thousands for free on the Internet or you can pay for a premium theme) and install that easily. Then for each game/app you want to review, you can simply create a new post and write your review, add images and whatever you like.

This will get you started and help you grow your site. No need for anything more fancy than that. As you create content for your site, you are obviously going to want to make it better and with more features. Then you can go and look at plugins to install and how you can write basic code (HTML/CSS/JS and most importantly PHP) to add whatever functionality you like.

No need to do anything more than that for right now. With that you will learn a ton of web development. :slight_smile:

There are a few relevant topics.

First you will need a domain name of your own. You need not do that first but it is the easiest to describe. I will assume you know you will need a domain name and I assume you have a general idea of how to register a domain name.

Second you will need a host. Are you familiar with that? do you understand how to find a host? You can get started using a free host (as in ATWEBPAGES.COM) and without a custom domain name.

Next you will need a HTML editor and be able to upload pages and other files to the host. Since you are familiar with HTML and CSS you are already familiar with a HTML editor. What editor is that? The editor might support uploading the pages and other files to the host; otherwise you probably want to use a separate FTP tool. You might want to get a better editor.

You can ask in this discussion for details of any of the preceding or you can create separate questions for any of that.

WordPress might be the best solution for you and perhaps it will be better to continue to learn how to use it. I agree however that it will be beneficial for you to discover how to create websites without it.

Hi, No i don’t want to do promotion of any website… I just want to clear my confusion. The reason why I am asking about URL is that I just want to show that this type of website I want to create. Thanks for your detailed explaination. It really helps me and give confidence to me that it’s not a difficult task to do this. Thanks,