How to make a circle image with photoshop cs3?

I want to make rounded corners using dave woods rounded cornered method with one circle image. But I can’t find any info on how to make a rounded circle. Thanks for any info! :slight_smile:

Quickest and easiest way to create rounded corner box’s round corner bits is to use a decent Vector drawing tool. Draw circle, cut it and export the peaces to desired bitmap image file format.

Alternatively, you may consider using online tools such as “CSS Rounded Box Generator” at:

I use XaraX pro for such jobs.

Thanks! OK, I’ve managed to make a circle in Photoshop cs3 but how do I cut out that circle? So I can save it as a circle - and not as a circle sitting within a square? Thanks! :slight_smile:

are you just wanting to create a rounded corner square, for your image?

if so just use the rounded corner square, create the square, then put your image/photo layer above the square and click ctrl+G it will create a mask and your image will then have rounded corners…

1 way = make a circle (eg 100px dia), save it as a png with a transparant bg (leave it as a complete circle) then make a div 25px x 25px then use bg position to only reveal the part of the circle you want.

this is just one of many ways.

If I understand the question correctly, “how to save as a circle, rather than as a circle in a square box”: the answer is to save your image as any type of image that supports transparencies (png, gif, psd, pdf). Make sure that there is no background or that the background is not visible when you save. I personally like png’s because even Word and Publisher can use them and respect the transparencies.


Ok, honestly, I’m going to give you excellent tools. Well at least as a web designer I use them a lot because they let me accomplish things easily especially rounding corners on pictures or making them circle.

If you want to round corner on your pictures you can go to Round Pictures

Love this tool 100%

Check this Photoshop Video and Text Tutorial.

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