How to loop them out and should i create three txt file?

Now, i want to add some records(title,name,content) to my site by php script. the following way is adding one record:

        $comment = Mage::getModel('review/review');
         $comment->setEntityPkValue(147);//product id
         $comment->setTitle("the title");
         $comment->setDetail("the content");
         $comment>setNickname("the name");

when i want to add more records the way i thought is creating three text file(title,name,content). the title text file content like this:

titleone test,titletwo test,titlthree test,titlefour test

the name txt file content like this:

    name1, name2, name3, name4

the content like this:


then use file_get_contents() and explode(). but i don’t know how to put those results into

     $comment->setTitle("the title");
     $comment->setDetail("the content");
     $comment>setNickname("the name");

then loop them out. thank you

What you are describing is exactly what a Database is designed to do.
Is it mandatory you use text files?
Are you avoiding a Database for some reason?

yes, i must be use text files? could you give me some tips to tell me how to do. thank you