How to learn Algorithms?

Hello !
I want to learn algorithms … so please recommend me an easy book or tutorial that will help me to learn algorithms analysis and design.
Thanks a lot in advance

Algorithm analysis and design is something computer science programs only touch on towards the end of an undergraduate degree, and require as part of masters-level and Ph.D. study.

THE book for this subject is Introduction to Algorithms by MIT press. It’s presented fairly straightforward for the topics it covers, but at about 1200 pages, I don’t know if you’d call it “easy”.

well… my problem was in determining a suitable book to start with… Iam a computer science student.
Thanks a lot Dan , now i will get this book and study it well
i hope it is a worthy book with great info in 1200 pages !

Look for “The Art of Computer Programming” by Don Knuth

It would be more appropriate to first understand why you want to learn algorithms. Most college CS programs have a class on algorithms and data structures (often combined). If yours doesn’t and you feel like you’re lacking, here’s one of the books used by MANY schools:
Introduction to Algorithms - MIT Press

i want to learn it because iam takin it as a course in my university .
I got the book “ntroduction to Algorithms, Second Edition” and i got also the solution manual :slight_smile:

I enjoyed Robert Sedgewick’s Algorithms in C very much. It seems to cover all basic algorithms. Anyways, regarding the analysis of algorithms I very much doubt there is an “easy book or tutorial”.

Till you get the book/s you can start reading some online tutorials like this

This is a recent draft of our new textbook[about algorithms], to appear September 15, 2006.

You can try they have some neat algorithm tutorials and sample java code, see for yourself.

I usually just repeat the algorithm like 10-100 times (ok, maybe not 100) but…ya, i repeat until i get the ability to do the alg without looking at it, then i keep repeating it without looking,boring…but it works very fast!