How to know what is the URL of a webpage if it doesn't appear on the URL bar?

I am encountering a strange case were opening new tabs on a browser window on Microsoft Edge creates a news-like webpage without any URL in the URL bar.
I don’t think I ever came across such a phenomenon in nearly 25 years of using the web.

If I am not mistaken, in Mozilla Firefox, it’s possible to check the URL of a webpage via left clicking the mouse button and choosing “View Page Info”

How to know what is the URL of a webpage if it doesn’t appear on the URL bar? Especially in Microsoft Edge?

It may be possible to know it from a web browser’s development tool, under the tab “Network” this way:

One way to do it is probably


the href can be omitted and it will give us the entire location object.

Credit to user:Makyen from Stack Overflow.

Are you sure you are not running in fullscreen mode?

Yes, I am sure. The URL bar is just empty, although console.log(window.location.href) outputs:

If I open that address in Edge it just takes me back to its new tab page (I guess that’s what “ntp” stands for).

Is it happening on any other pages?

It happens from any webpage – each time I open a new tab (in the same browser window).

What does “ntp” mean to you? I don’t have any opinion about what it means for me…

New Tab Page — the page that Edhe shows when you open a new tab.

If it only happens there, it might be some setting in Edge. I’ve never seen what you describe happen to me, I’m afraid.

Could you post a screen shot of what the problem looks like?

Hang on. You just mean this, right?

This is just the regular new tab page which appears when you prestt Ctrl + T.

Nothing unusual going on there.

You can customize it though:

That’s exactly my problem…
It is a primary problem, for me at least, that a web browser does more than just web browsing…
It is a secondary problem for me that that Microsoft is “pushing” news to me which may divert me from a common task, let along, generally on topics I have no control on or surely can’t help with.

This thread details more on this problem and possible ways to solve it. Please honor us by joining it :slight_smile:

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