How to install Wordpress on my Smarty website?

Hi guys,
I have a website which uses Smarty.
I want to install a Wordpress blog on it. Ive created a directory in the root and called it ‘blog’ and dumped the Wordpress install files there. However, Ijust get a 404 error when I go to the blog directory. I presume Smarty is doing some kind of redirect in the htaccess file?
Any help would be much appreciated!

I suggest getting someone who knows website management and PHP to guide you through this cause the only way you ask a question like that is if you are seriously out of your element. To use a car analogy, you just asked if you could install a Ford Taurus on your Dodge Dart.

The answer is no. They are two entirely different programs. Smarty isn’t even a full fledged application, it’s a template engine. To work at all it needs custom code to be written.

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