How to install plugins in a free wordpress blog

Hi i have a free blog on word-press and i want to install plugins and share button in it. but my friend told me thats it can only be done in a paid blog…is there any possible way of doing in a free blog?

I think your friend is wrong. Did you try?

no i havent tried yet…i dont know where to embed the code. can you please guide me how to install a plugin in my blog.

You don’t have to embed code to install a plugin.
The manual on explains it all:

Once installed, each plugin has its own ways of being used. You’ll have to read the instructions that come with the plugin.

Thanks a lot guido2004 … I am going to read this and then i’ll contact you if i face nay issue.

does Wordpress have paid account? I never know it. What features are extra?

Are you speaking about a Wordpress blog set up on your own hosting or a free blog. It is the free Wordpress blogs on where you aren’t able to add in your own plugins, that is where you would want to have your own setup.

Yes johny…worpress also offer paid blogs…where you have to pay monthly or yearly. and paid blogs includes extra features like plugins, better ranking and page indexing etc etc

well…i cannot find the Plugin tab on my dashboard…can some body help me through this?

Didn’t know this. I guess you’re out of luck, David. Or you get your own hosting and set your wordpress blog up there, or you’ll have to get a paid wordpress blog hosting account, I guess

I think you can’t use plugin in free wordpress blogs without the default ones. I tried it a lot but I couldn’t find PLUGIN option in free wordpress “wp-admin”


Thanks a lot guys…i have heard the same but it thought may be there’s a free way of adding plugins my blog

i used a free wp theme on my blog.i just modified it. i used 3 plugins. you can install plugins on free wordpress themes.

Yes but is that the WordPress from or the one at