How to install my programming language on apache web server like php

i know how to write a programming language and i did it before for myself , now i want do it like php on web servers , how can i do this?
i have a language that can get some variables and do something very simple ( like plus )
for example i want to install my language on apache 2 ( LAMP SERVER ) or something like this .
what i have is some c++ files and in feature , one npl file ( that is for my language ) , i want something like index . php in my web server runs after installing .
index.npl thanks a lot

First off. Are you using Linux or Windows? If you are using Linux, you have to find out which distro you have. Some distros use different commands than others. If you are using Windows, I’d say it’s a lot better to manually install each packages individually because you learn what each packages need and if you brick one, you can always trash it and start over. Only use “one button-click” solutions if you are new to everything or if you are really lazy.

So this is theoretically simple! So you will need to write an apache module for your language a good amount of information on writing modules can be found with a simple google. Your module will basically just do some http listening provided through apache’s module api. You will then get the file path of your requested file and have your language run that requested file. Simple! :slight_smile:

Or you do not want to spend hours trying to get everything to work together :wink:

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