How to insert to postgres using Django ORM when a generated index field exists

A text field is on one of my models. For search purposes, I’ve made an index on this field:

class my_model(models.Model):  

   text = models.TextField(null=True)
   vector = SearchVectorField(null=True, default='')

I have so far just used the insert command to add data to this table, and I did not supply any data for the column at the time of insertion. Everything was fine, but now this model has a many-to-many field. I want to update the insert function to use Django ORM as I haven’t created an explicit through table. I’m having trouble since I’m getting an error when I try to use ORM to enter the following statement into the model:

a1 = my_model(text='test')


ProgrammingError: column "vector" can only be updated to DEFAULT
DETAIL:  Column "vector" is a generated column.

Also, i tried the following with the same error:

a1 = my_model(text='test', vector = '')

Thanks in advance.

PostgreSQL: Documentation: 12: 5.3. Generated Columns

Looks like you can’t put vector into the model, because Django will try to write it to the database.

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