How to insert ads using JavaScript?


i want to know if i can get this to happen.

let say i post a content i want to use javascript to insert a NOTE TAG OR ADVERT for every for 300 words or every 4 sentence

for example

### ur topic is similar to...

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advert appears

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advert appears

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hope u understand what am asking thank you.

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Sounds like you’re trying to spam your own website :upside_down_face:


actually its for blog section of my website am d only allowed to blog so i definately will know how to regulate it.

but u understand what am trying to explain right?


actually this is what i need too… so still no answer skyhigh?


I tried coming up with a regex to do it, but kept blowing up my browser.
I recommend that others try using loops instead if they want to explore options.


not yet


how to go about it, i dont even know wat to search for a name for it