How to Increase Your Work at Home Motivation

I work alone and recently discovered I am lacking in motivation, in order to compete in the marketplace.

I am hoping some other people here are in my same boat, and can accept a small character change.


So, I was reading up on amplifying my work motivation, using groups and teams, right. I learned that voluntarily formed work teams report high work motivation.

I want to test it. If there is anyone who works alone, that is interested in joining this new team, I came up with this:

Yes, it’s absolutely free to do! [Don’t miss out!]

Everyone interested, just write down, as a reply to this post, a job commitment you will carry out within 7 days. The easier, the better. E.g., 3% increase in website traffic 7 days from now, instead of 15%.

When we achieve our goal, let each other know, using this thread. Then some of us give others a compliment, like “way to go.” [Positve] feedback is a priority.


I like this idea, 'cause it is relevant to our jobs. You plant a commitment, make the plunge, then when successful, get to absorb valuable feedback.

You are encouraged to communicate openly, improve this team’s effectiveness, and act in a mature manner.

The team’s goal is to do what we can to improve our own and each other’s work motivation.

I strongly suggest you discover for yourself: [Other factors affecting motivation].

I need someone to broadcast the 1st commitment.


Hmm, no one wants to give their motivation a probable boost?

I can try this challenge at another forum.

If you earn money for the work results, then it should motivate you itself.