How to increase traffic?

How to increase traffic.
I have tried article submission,facebook page,twitter,forum marketing but nothing seems to work.
What can i do to increase traffic?
I am got tired of doing directory submission.i have submitted my website to 500 directories manually.

[font=verdana]This is a question that is asked, and answered, very regularly. Please read the ‘sticky’ threads at the top of the forum and have a look through past discussions for general tips on promoting your website – we don’t need to have these generic points repeated again.

If you want specific advice on your own website, that would be considered a review. We have a special forum for reviews and critiques, but please note that you must write reviews of three other sites already there before you request your own review (please do read the rules on that forum before posting your request).

If you have any further specific questions about internet marketing then please come back and start them in a new thread. I’m closing this one because the generic nature of the question means it is unlikely to attract any worthwhile replies that we haven’t already seen dozens of times before.[/font]