How to increase daily active users of facebook page

I want to increase the daily active users of my facebook page. Currently only 45 users like my facebook page and the quantity of daily active on my facebook page is very low. I want to increase all these things. So kindly suggest me some method through which i can increase it.

A user is active when they view with your application or page content. and you can make good friend circle with posting amazing things then may be your face book likes increases.

What have you done so far to increase activity on your page? Before anyone can advise you on how to do it, they need to know what you are doing now.

I don’t know the answer, but I think it just takes some time. I have tried lot of thinks: I been posting to walls of pages that have fans that could like my page also and about 30 post gets something like 2 - 4 fans. I have made couple of competitions: one where prize were a trip to anywhere you want and a second one where prize was a $10,000 party. No one bothered to even answer to those. Only reaction I have had is when I posted a picture and 1 member like it.

I’ve been told that social media is like a throwing a small rock on the mountain, even a small rock can make a huge avalanche. Nobody just didn’t tell that when you begin throwing those small rocks, it is summer and you have to just wait that there is enough snow.

So, I would presume that it’s important to keep contest giveaways small enough so that they look believable. I think I would suspect something as expensive as a $10,000 prize as well and, in fact, do suspect that the FB ads, which offer big-ticket items for free, are scams. I’m sure you’ve seen them: free iPads, computers, and “you are our 1,000,000 visitor”, etc.

I do like your avalanche analogy. Made me smile.

Update status regularly & post attractive image and create poll. Share, like and comment some useful status or pictures which posted by others.

I have just started working on my FB page. Have invited people to like my page and have taken time to design the cover page and logo images. I do status updating, take part discussions at other FB pages. I try very my best to make people be interested in my page, but then too after two months only 29 people that liked my page. I am trying and searching things to promote my page. I hope i fill find some thing good at the end.

One element I haven’t seen discussed here is sharing. When one of your fans likes something it appears in their timeline as “(fan) likes (post)”. I don’t know about others, but I rarely visit someone else’s timeline. However, I have followed several pages from posts in my news feed that were shared by one of my friends.

There’s an interesting viewpoint within this article that agrees with you, about how for somebody, facebook traffic increased when they removed ‘like’ buttons from their articles, because the presumption is that ‘liking’ is too easy to do, but has little viral impact, where as sharing is more likely to draw worthwhile attention:

Well, when you’re right, you’re right. :smiley: Thanks! :tup:

Your facebook page should be quality content and daily update your page with informative content.

Firstly Make the attractive and informative business profile and after then your should to share your services and product related video, content and images. Increase you business network and be a respond.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, there are people who forget the “social” part of social media and just focus on the opportunity of being able to advertise their products, their contests and all that. It would be better if you’re going to use your Facebook page in such a way that you’re giving people the power to interact with each other there, and maybe share their opinions on whatever it is that you do. In line with what Shyflower has mentioned in one of her replies, you should share some content that’s worth sharing.

Join some groups where your targeted audience is visiting on regular basis and try to participate on such kind of communities, it would be best option for you as much i know.

The more active you are, the more greater will be the respose you recieve. Take part in events conducted by you, or ones you participate in and update users about them. Keep updating status, not once a sday but more frequently throughout the day. Users like viewing pictures so keep a big collection of it. make your profile attractive do that it grips visiter’s attention. You could play games on your profile, probably it will engage visitors too.

You should join groups which has many members and post your activity on those groups so that your post can be viewed by a large number of people. Make sure that the post is interactive enough to engage the end users so that they can click on those posts and like your page to continue getting feeds from your page.

to my mind, only content is a king… So, post a lot of interesting stuff. it will bring more likes…

That goes without saying but the trick is to post the stuff that is interesting to your market, which may or may not be the same stuff that is interesting to you.

To get activity on your page first of all you need to insert all the necessary details related to your page and business as it will give clear understanding to the people and they might like your page after understanding your page and your business.

Interaction is the second most important part as more you interact with your fans, more people will know about you… they might visit you again if you are sharing content related to your fans interests. Initially you should not count fans… you should focus on your existing fans and try to interact them on daily basis. Social media is about reaching to the people. So you will exactly have to do it.

You can search other pages who are of same niche as your page or doing same business. You can observe how they are engaging? what are their methods? and what unique thing you can do what your competitors are not doing!

Another advise to you that never go for fake likes as they are worthless and just for show. Your focus should be on doing engagement and getting LIKES not forcefully but naturally.

You must also make your profile attractive, vibrant, happening, interesting. That way you capture your potential customers/users. Then you must apply the baove mentioned strategies to HOLD on and retain them:)