How to include content block in all posts

I have a question about WordPress (theme: Twenty Fifteen) that I hope you can help me out with.

I’m aiming to include a block of content (in this case my newsletter sign-up form) in all posts but in different positions on various posts. I need this to be cleverly included somehow as I don’t wanna go though all posts in case I need to change the form to something else in the future.

Is there a smart way to do this - eg. a plugin?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use plugin for that.There were many plugins avilable for newsletter signin you can use the plugin so you don’t need to go through all posts in case of any changes in future.

Thanks Harshal2,

I do have the newsletter plugin though. I’m just looking for a dynamic way to implement the code into the content area of my wordpress site?

Hey Jackob,

If you want to do dynamic way to implement the code into the content area you can use newsletter plugin’s shortcodes.


Thanks Harshal2,

I finally found the perfect WordPress for the job. If anyone else is interested its called “Shortcoder”.

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