How to improve website performance in Google?

Hello Friends,

I have a website on Antique Tables provides huge stock of antique furniture - online shopping site, created in 2005. It works well in google before algorithm updates and now it suddenly drops down from search results after EMD update, I think its EMD ( Exact Mach Domain) effect, So I need your suggestions that how to rank my site back in Google.

Thanks in Advance.

read new tips about EMD , and pramote your site on Social networking sites - as -,, stumble, facebook , twitter

what ever may be the Google Update, you can be safe with
_Quality Content
_Anchor Text diversification with in the site & to back links
_Quality Back links.

Just go for site analysis and find the links that are pointing to your site and remove those tags…
Add some quality content with internal links with proper site navigation …!

If it is the EMD update then you might want to consider whether you are engaging in any unethical link building scheme or not. Google do not just suddenly penalized all the EMD sites, they also take into account other factors such as the naturalness of link building and such. Over-optimization might also be a cause, check to see if you have any keyword stuffing or hidden content on your site.

If you want to improve your website performance in Google then you have to use Quality contents and build Quality Back links with Guest blogging or other service.

You can still optimize for it. Vary your anchor text and don’t overdo it. Get quality related links. :slight_smile: