How to improve my website's design?

Hi! Some time ago I decided to start a business, and I created a website for gutter cleaning with the help of a friend of mine. Here it is - . But ever since the creation there have been issues with the conversion and the rankings in search engines. After we tried various off page options, I think now it’s time to focus on the design of the website. This is why I decided to ask you as professionals. I read somewhere that in this forum you give great advice to newbies like me. What would you change in the general design of the website, so it can convert better and get better results? We already tried adding a few new pages and did minor content changes, but there’s still no result. I am also considering new colours, maybe something more vivid. I would really appreciate all kinds of help and tips! Thanks in advance!


I think your website looks nice, although I’d lose the fake-looking female in the lower right-hand corner.

The problem you are facing is similar to my own attempts at building websites for small businesses - I will be interested to see what advice you get here.

How are you doing on the SEO front? If I Googled “Gutter cleaning in Sydney”, would your business come up on page #1?

Couple of nit picking things I notice on the front page that I doubt would effect conversions. I would change “Paul’s Gutter Cleaning in Sydney - Avoid Roof Damages” to “Paul’s Gutter Cleaning in Sydney - Avoid Roof Damage” and in your slide show " for $8 only" I would change to “for only $8”. Also your telephone number in the header is a link.

The site looks OK with lots of information and not cluttered but as @mikey_w says I would remove the chat part as you have your mobile number listed. What other advertising are you doing as I look on a website as a method of giving your customers more information than can be listed in for example a newspaper advert.

What is being done as far as SEO?

I did a quick search for “gutter cleaning, Sydney” and you came up around 6th or 7th place on the first page in most search engines, which I would have thought was pretty good. On Google, though, you were down near the bottom of the second page. Still not bad, but I can understand why you would want to improve on that.

The first thing I would suggest, then, is to register with Google My Business. You might also find it helpful to read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, and see if there are any little tweaks you can make to keep Google happy.

I wonder if a little more text might help? After all, it’s predominantly the text on your page which Google uses to judge it. Perhaps go into a bit more detail about the services you offer. (I realise this is probably pretty difficult: how much can you say about cleaning gutters without repeating yourself?) As gutter cleaning seems to be your main business, give it a page to itself, then add another page (or pages) for your additional services.

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Hey all! Thanks for all the replies and sorry for the delay but I was quite busy this week.
mikey_w - If you googled gutter cleaning in Sydney you would see me on the bottom of the second page. I’ve been on the bottom of the first one too at some point, but Google really hates me and keeps moving me around between the first and the second page for some reason.
When it comes to SEO, I’ve tried most conventional link building strategies. I have videos, presentations, infographics, online adverts and classifieds, business listings and all that other stuff, but nothing seemed to work. Now I’m trying tiered link building, but there’s no effect so far. I also tried increasing the keyword density of the home page and added some additional pages with the hope that Google will find my business more relevant this way, but it didn’t work. In the near future I’m planning to add more services like roofing and stuff, I hope this will win Google’s sympathy somehow.
Rubble - thanks for the small improvement tips, I’ll talk to my IT guy to do something about them. I’m not posting any newspaper adverts, maybe in the future when I develop the website more, start providing roofing services and get the business going. My main goal right now it to rank on first page in Google and stay there, which seems like Mission Impossible right now.
TechnoBear - Thanks for your advice too! I’ll check out the Search Engine Optimization Started Guide, I have to admit I haven’t read it yet. Maybe I’ll find something in there that will satisfy Google finally. I’ll also discuss changing the text a little, maybe explain the service better than that marketing stuff that’s in there now.

You need to remember that these will be of very limited help in terms of SEO, unless you provide text equivalents/transcripts (which, of course you should be doing for accessibility purposes anyway).

And trying too hard with link building can cause more problems than it solves, so be careful.

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