How to implement hyperlinks on FAQ search result snippets

We’ve been looking at our competitors on search results and we’ve noticed that their search appearance specifically FAQ snippets are showing some hyperlinks, the question is, how to implement such enhancement on our FAQ schema markup? I tried to just hyperlinked it on the frontend but it’s not showing up on the search results page. Any insights is highly appreciated.

I think this might be what you are looking for…

I haven’t implemented any of this myself, but it certainly talks about what you are looking to do. Hopefully it gives you the info you are searching for. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reference @Martyr2 :slightly_smiling_face: but it doesn’t say anything about adding hyperlinks. Found a reference though makeseosimpleagain dot com/links-in-faq-schema/

Have you actually tried to just put a hyperlink in the Marked up structured data? As stated at the link I show above…

Required properties

The full answer to the question. The answer may contain HTML content such as links and lists. Google Search displays the following HTML tags; all other tags are ignored: <h1> through <h6> , <br> , <ol> , <ul> , <li> , <a> , <p> , <div> , <b> , <strong> , <i> , and <em> .

This would make me believe that the links, if vetted as being safe by Google, would then show up in the structured data.

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oh yeah thank you for that…we’re actually experimenting on it now :wink:

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