How to host Video/Attachments on separate server?

Hi, I’m in need of some advice!

Currently I have a web application being built ground up, and i’m trying to wrap my head around how to split the file attachment storage off the main web server. I have a dedicated server running the website/application, and would like to split the attachments off to a second server.

The most obvious to me (however possibly ridiculous) is to have a drive on the remote server mounted locally if possible. So as files through the web application can be uploaded as if it were a local drive, yet they are saved on the remote drive. However, i’m not sure if this is possible, similar to “mapping a network drive” in Windows I guess, however at a server level.

Any suggestions appreciated, and pointers.



Maybe I’m missing something, but you can link to a file anywhere on the web. So you can host the assets on any server and, with an absolute URL, pull them in from anywhere.

Sites often store things like videos on another server, such as a CDN (content delivery network) which is optimized for fast delivery.