How to host domain

I just purchased a new domain. I already have a hosting account which may be used for unlimited domains to host. how can I manage to host this domain on my existing account.
I made an account with the domain name in my hosing account but dont know what to do next.

You will need to get the nameservers or IP address for the hosting account and point your domain to those nameservers or IP address. Your hosting provider should be able to give you one of those two items to take to your domain registrar.

You may request your host to send you welcome email, which will contain all the guidelines.
Good luck

Ask for dns nameservers from your host and go to your admin page for your domain (at your domain registrar) and add your dns servers.
This take about 24 hours to replicate the dns changes.
Go back to your host and read faq and ask for help because each host has customized procedure and rules to set up.

Setting up your DNS to point to your host can be intimidating when you are doing it for the first time but overall it is simple. You will have a login where you have purchased your domain. You should see a page for DNS and there will be a box there for you to add your DNS settings which you will get from your host in the welcome letter. You put your hosts DNS settings into your domain providers DNS box. Click save and your domain will now point to your hosting provider. It may take up to 48hrs for the settings to rollover so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen instantly.
If you have problems most good providers will have a support section on their website. Usually detailed instructions for DNS setup is provided in this area. Most contain an easy to follow walk through and some even have videos where you can get step by step guided instructions.

Here are simple steps which which you can host your new domain with your current hosting account.

1)Create an account for your new domain with your unlimited hosting account. You can do this through webhosting control panel like cPanel or Plesk.
2)Once you are able to create an account, point your domain to your host’s nameserver with the help of your domain registrar. If you are not sure how to do it they will help you.
3)Generally it takes 24 hours for dns records to propagate and update worldwide. Meanwhile you can upload data files into your new account.
4)Your domain will be live and ready for use as soon as dns records propagates.

You need to first add the name servers to the domain. Then if you have cPanel then you just simply add your domain in. Allow up to 48 ours for it to do the alterations for your domain to show up.

if its with godaddy jsut call them up and they will walk you thorough the process of setting up you unlimited account and then you can add your other domain names in that folder for that domain. You should problably get filezilla or similar to upload files and view you domains. you dont have to anymore but i suggest it.

good luck