How to hide virtual keyboard for specific input?

Hello everyone!

Why when on mobile (android) autofocus on input doesn’t give keyboard but when focus with jquery it does?
How to hide virtual keybord for specific input?

My input:
<input type="text" class="form-control" id="serial" name="serial" autocomplete="off" autofocus required>
On page load input is focused and no virtual keyboard is showing.

Here are jquery that triggers virtual keyboard:

Mousetrap.bind('* #', function() { 
	  }, 10);								

Info: I use short keys to do some actions and *# sets focus to my input. And on this moment virtual keyboard pops up :frowning:

I m testing on mobile chrome on a mobile barcode scanner with built in android. And in this case i do not need keyboard for this input.

Any tip or help?

Thanks in advance!

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