How to hide backlinks details?

I want to hide my backlinks details,because of competitor will get those details where i got the i want to hide the to do that?

What do you mean by “backlink details”? Do you mean that you don’t want your competitors to see the links pointing to your site from other sites?

If so, that’s impossible, for two reasons.

First, given that the links in question are coming from other sites, you have no control over how, where or why they are posted. Only the site owner has that, and they have no reason change their links just for your benefit.

Secondly, in general you can’t hide HTML code (which is what a link is). The HTML in a web page is completely open, in the sense that anyone can view any page’s HTML from within their browser. You might be able to obfuscate your links in some way, but you can’t completely hide them.

If I have misunderstood your question, please clarify it.


I guess it’s a redirection method from A site to B site to hide your backlinks.

i think the best hide backlink is you do not get backlink

Instead of guessing at what the OP wants to know, it would be helpful if Rajesharinos come back and tell us exactly what his question means. Failing that, perhaps it’s time to close the thread - especially as it’s nearly a month old.


Agreed. Thread closed.