How to give three links to a single button?


When click on button i want to save data in database and two other tabs to be opened with other links sharing the post that is saved in database. How to give three links to a single button?

when submit action is empty means php code in same page used to submit data to database and then two links to be opened in two other tabs. how will it work.

<form action="">
<a href="index.html"><a href="index2.html">Submit</a></a>

i know above method is not correct.
any other methods using js to open two links at the same time in two new tabs



I tried it actually it opens only one link at a time;;
only first one is opening 2nd one is not opening.


I suggest you give the page Dormilich linked to another read. I think you’ve missed some important information.


sorry. i didn’t get it