How to give padding to the <tr> tag of a <table>

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This is my jsfiddle

What I am trying is to give some space between each tag of table but that is not working

How can I give that some spaces between in



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You only have one cell in each row, so could you just give the padding to the <td>?

Thanks @Ryan Reese

But I have change code like this

And this is giving padding to inside rows and columns

I want space between rows only that is tr

You can have a updated login screen.Have a look into the attachment.
index23.html (3.5 KB)

@rapidsofttechnologie, that doesn’t seem to be what the user is looking for (maybe read the topic first next time?)

It might also be a good idea if you simply post the code in the forum thread. Many members are (understandably) anxious about downloading or opening attachments, and in any case, it is much easier to see and discuss the code if it’s here in the topic.

You can’t add padding or margins to a ‘tr’ they are simply a mechanism to separate cells into rows.

If you want space in the cell then you add padding as Ryan suggested and if you want space between the border of each cell then you use border-spacing.


.loginwindow table{border-spacing:0 10px}

That will give vertical spacing of 10px between rows.

@Thanks to all

final working code

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