How to get traffic to a new flash gaming site

Hi Everyone!

I have recently launched my new flash gaming site <snip>, and I came here for tips on how to get a decent ammount of traffic on my site and mroe importantly how to build a stable audience that visits my site regurarly. Any tips from anyone who has experience in this area are welcome, but of course I would be even more happy to hear tips from those who have experience in flash gaming or gaming sites.

Just like anybody else who got a website :slight_smile:

Define your audience > Optimise your website (SEO) > Start making pages (2000+) > Start building incoming traffic by joining the community, writing articles and do something like video marketing.

Why 2000+ pages? Where does that figure come from? Surely the number of pages depends on the amount of content, and not every site is going to be on that scale.

It’s just a example :slight_smile: You could do well with less pages and some great SEO , content en marketing… but it just get’s easier and easier the more pages you got… normally if i want to get a lot of traffic, then i’ll prefer building my website instead of going out there on the www and post articles on other people’s websites… just because your building on quality you own and nobody can take it away from you…

The combination between marketing and pages would be the best, of course :slight_smile:

Join big gaming forums where game lovers get together and discuss about different games. Promote your game site through your signature. If your site’s games are good, your will definitely get a lot of stable traffic from there.

Create a Facebook page for your website. Build a good number of fans there and drive them to your site.

Also if you have some budget for the marketing of your site, you should try PPC ads especially in Facebook. Most of the game lover likes to be in Facebook.

You neeed to optimize your website for search engines by doing keyword analysis, on-page optimization and link building,

To make a quick summary for you, you’ll need the following:

  1. On-Page SEO.
  2. Link Building (High quality + Relevant type of links).
  3. Facebook marketing.
  4. Google+ Marketing.
  5. YouTube Marketing.
  6. Content Writing.
  7. Building relations with other gaming sites.

If you are a game development company or a game developer, then try to hit some game publishing companies for parternship to get a real edge in the market. Most game developers attempt to contact publishing companies before marketing their stuff by themselves.

All the Best!

P.S: I am also a Game Developer and Marketer.