How to get this font?

In spite of IE’s shortcomings fonts look better in IE (font smoothing?).

1 Why doesn’t FF and others do whatever it is that IE is doing in this regard?

2 The font on [B]this site looks good[/B] in FF! This is probably a normal web font (Arial?) made to look better with css? Normally I can swipe a look at the css page to see how the font etc has been dictated but in the following site I can’t understand the style sheet or haven’t sussed which one!!

can anyone help pls

Weird. I always find that fonts look hideous on IE … but I’m normally on a Mac, where fonts look better anyway.

That site is using the Skolar font, served up with @font-face courtesy of fontDeck. See this style sheet:*

It costs about $5 per year to serve up special fonts via FontDeck … a pretty good deal, IMHO.

thank you. i just discovered that. But while there I thought I saw the fonts costing a whole lot more - one was $45 for regular and $45 for the same in Italics!

Hm, perhaps it depends on the font, but I’ve not seen prices like that on fontDeck. Their prominent rival, TypeKit, charges a flat fee per year of around $50, but then you can use all the fonts you like. It really depends on your circumstances which is better. But I always first check to see if a font (or a similar one) is available at FontSquirrel, as they are free there.