How to get started with outsourced web development projects?

Hello, I’m the co-founder of this little startup software company in Bangladesh. We’ve been working with some local clients for almost a year now, and we’re doing pretty good so far. But recently, I’ve taken an interest in doing outsourced projects from overseas. I’ve noticed that most companies that do outsourced projects here usually have an office or an agent overseas. We currently have around 12 web developers (Magento, PHP, etc) working here, but we don’t have any good connections overseas. If we decide to start doing outsourced projects, where should we start? How can a startup company procure these projects?

I’ve hired many overseas developers in the past so I can give you some advice.

Start with marketing yourself on Upwork (Odesk) and Guru. When you bid for projects, carefully read each project post, and only apply for projects you are sure you have expertise in. Make sure your bid specifically addresses the project requirements. Many developers will simply send out a generic bid that reveals they did not even read the entire project posting and those bids will never get a response. Start bidding lower than you normally would so that you can get some project work and positive reviews connected to your profile.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT: When you land a job, emphasize communication and deliver quality work. If you do good work and your clients are happy, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Once you have built a portfolio of work and have generated positive reviews, create a professional portfolio website that summarizes your accomplishments and keep it up to date.

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