How to get sellers


Can anyone suggest how I can attract sellers (outside China) to join my cross-border shopping platform to sell products to China?


If you want to attract sellers online, you have two choice:
1. For Free Through Facebook page
2. By paying money and getting seller through Google Adwords

  1. you can do it with a Facebook page,
    Create a Facebook page and promote the facebook page to get more followers.
    To get more follwers organically and attract selllers, Read this:
    After you build a good audience you can post for seller requirement and benefits to seller


  1. If you wish to spend some money you can always go for Google Adwords, In many countries you get some coupons for the initial advertisement


The only one and best way to attract clients for your shopping platform is online based marketing. You can create accounts of your shopping platform in different social sites like:
- Twitter

If you have a website of your shopping portal, then you must contact SEO experts to boost your site in search engines ranking.