How to get search results in Google like this?

I’m not sure if I have the right section, if not, please move the topic.

I’m setting up a website for someone and want them to have search results such as this, if you look to the right you will see relevant information.

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Get the business listed with Google My Business (I believe it’s called now) and when you verify the business, they automatically set up a Google+ page for it. (At least, that’s how it worked when I last did this about a year ago.) The box on the right is from the Google+ page.

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I would add that merely submitting and verifying a G+ page for a business does not mean that G+ page will display anywhere on the results page. G+ pages are subject to ranking just like web pages.

A good way to kick-start the G+ page is to link to it on the business’s contact web page.

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You need social media, great content, and a marketing specialist. These 3 will drive traffic to your website that will rank high on Google.

Not necessarily, in order to display the type of results that the OP is enquiring about. I’ve never used a marketing specialist, or run any kind of social media campaign, for the site I referred to earlier, and the search results show perfectly well.

As metho says, yes - you do need some content on the G+ page (although for my site, there’s not a lot - mainly pictures).

How much effort you need to put in depends on the level of competition you face, as with any kind of search.

That’s part of the Google Knowledge Graph. There’s no surefire way to be included, but (as stated above), being included in Google+ / Google My Business, social media, high-profile sites and Maps will help.