How to get more visits of my website?

Please suggest me how to get more visitors of my website.

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There are a multitude of ways really, especially if you’re a business.

The most basic step is to optimise your website for search engines through keyword research and applying these keywords, both within the content you write on the website but also the meta information that is applied.

Building good quality incoming links is also a key factor which comes from both reliable sources and could be built via social media channels. You could also if you have the budget for it, bid on certain keywords via Google to drive traffic to your site but depending on the keywords it can get pretty expensive!

Hope that helps as a starting point!


There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website,

  1. Advertise - paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors, building your brand and getting your site in front of people. Adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals

  2. Get Social - One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content.

  3. On-Page SEO - Optimizing for on-page SEO doesn’t have to take ages, and it could help boost your organic traffic

  4. Target Long-Tail Keywords

  5. Start Guest Blogging

  6. Make Sure Your Site is Responsive


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Actually there are multiple ways to get more visits to the website. However getting these visits to the site should be specific to the “brand” or “niche” you target.

Here are the best ways to get visits to your site:

  1. SEO - This is a long term process which is a must used strategy if you looking for the best organic traffic.

  2. You could use social media to get this done. Create a page, add your services or products and link your Fb page to your website. Find facebook groups for your niche and post valuable content on these groups linking your website.

  3. PPC is another good way to get visitors, however I do not suggest this method at first if you have created a new site. PPC is a short term method of getting leads or sales, however not a smart move to get constant organic traffic.

  4. Create guest posts and promote it through social bookmarking. This is highly effective.

  5. Create blog posts, using keywords you target, however you want to make sure that the keywords you are targeting is not competitve for your site’s DA. So make sure your content is better and informational than your competitor.

Create constant content, and use the strategies mentioned above. Thank you.

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Hi @keykhabor, I hope you’re doing good.

Bringing traffic website can be achieved using both the organic and paid methods or channels. I’ll be discussing both the methods briefly in this thread.

Organic Methods
So as you know even if the methods are free or organic as we say, there’s no “set-it and forget-it” tool for channelizing traffic to a website. There are various channels that can bring high-quality traffic on your website and that too free:

  1. Listing on online directories.
  2. On-page and technical SEO
  3. Off-Page SEO like link building, guest posting, etc.
  4. Social media postings on assorted platforms.
  5. Email Marketing

Paid Methods
Although organic methods are competent enough if you’re a beginner to bring a decent amount of traffic on your website. But if you want an edge over others and do not want to lose your rank to your competitors then definitely consider some paid methods.

So here are some common paid channels used by webmasters for driving traffic:

  1. Search advertising
  2. Social media advertising
  3. Display advertising
  4. Retargeting

For more traffic, you should do SEO, Social Media posting on regular basis, do Blog posting, forum posting, Research keyword according to your business, PDF and Document submission and do article submission.

As has been said multiple times on the forums here, any half decent forum follows Google’s guidance and marks external links as no-follow. Furthermore, if the forums here are used just to promote, the post will be very quickly removed and the member banned.

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Here are the tips by Ahrefs:

  1. Target topics with search traffic potential
  2. Write guest posts
  3. Promote content in online communities
  4. Answer questions on Quora
  5. Appear on podcasts
  6. Collaborate with other brands
  7. Rank videos on YouTube
  8. Update ‘outdated’ content
  9. Merge similar posts
  10. Repurpose content on other channels
  11. Create ‘thought leadership’ content on Medium

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