How to Get more traffic on my website

I have a Single page website for a gps tracking app.
I want to know which SEO technique is best for this website to get better ranks & traffic.

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Welcome to the forums, @jamesgoslingau.

If you are new to SEO, then the place to start is Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

We have multiple threads in the Marketing forum discussing different methods of gaining traffic. I suggest you have a look around there for some ideas. For example:

How to Promote a Single Page Website and Blog

Increasing traffic and ranking

Hello friend! I suppose you have to be familiar with the SEO basics first since you can already use these things to have better rankings. Once you have the knowledge, the next step is to learn more by reading out certain contents which will teach you other SEO methods that will help your site to rank better like the ones mentioned by @TechnoBear above…:slight_smile:

Yea, thanks i am doing it, but still not get satisfied result -

@fajrtechnologies: you are replying as if this is your topic. Are you a colleague of @jamesgoslingau?

There really are no “quick fix” solutions here; it takes hard work and high quality content. What, exactly, have you tried, and in what way are you dissatisfied with the results?

Hey jamesgoslingau!

There isn’t actually an easy way to rank your page into Google right away. It will take some months for you to get your desired result, but you have to, of course, work hard for it - and by that I mean - continuously posting useful content, and study the influx of your audience’s participation on your posts.

Once you’ve started that, you will be able to gauge better.

Hoping for the best!


Definitely agree, there is no quick fix. You should read up on some blogs or hire a consultant if you really wanted some more in-depth information, but in a nutshell - identify your target audience and your brand and then go from there.

This is a cool little article… May help -

Welcome to the forums, @sharileonef.

Unfortunately that article - like so much which is written about SEO - contains some poor advice (which is why I recommend learning the basics from the Google guide, to ensure the information is reliable).

For example, it advises the use of the keywords meta tag, which is not used by any major search engine (and hasn’t been for some time now). Including that on your pages is just a waste of time and effort.

It also has poor advice on backlinks, suggesting that links which you can place yourself are useful to SEO. Search engines regard these as next to worthless - and if done on a large scale to manipulate ranking (as suggested there), may lead to Google penalising your site.

Thank you!

thank you - i will have a look

Do all task related to off-page and on-page. Also do social media marketing in top social media sites. Use only high DA and PA sites.

Sorry, @EthanJack, but that’s a really unhelpful reply. If the OP knew which tasks to carry out, they wouldn’t need to post here for help. Please take time with your replies to give sufficient information to help a newbie. (Vague posts like this may be deleted as fluff.)

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