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Asking for help on promoting my public domain photos site. My site’s photos as all taken by me. I’ve done posting and answering on forums, quora and commenting on related blog posts. I can’t seem to get my site above a few hundred visitors a day though. I’ve tried getting some blog posts and articles at popular places but the only one that I had success with that on is Noupe. Anyone know how to get on lists with people who have a lot of followers like this one?

Seems like everyone who makes a blog post on this topic just copies their "recommended’ list from that post and it seems that they only are willing to list tumblr photos blogs which have very little in terms of layout and features. How to I get articles on popular sites and bloglists? That would help a lot. Anyone have ideas?

Would you consider this a highly competitive “niche”?

If so. what are the others providing that your site doesn’t?

What can your site provide that the others don’t?

Its pretty competitive, but not on the same level as the “free online games” categories I am also in.

Each site has unique photos, in my case all photos are taken by me and most can’t be found on any other site.

The main issue is that the blog article I mentioned features only Tumblr blogs and others that look like it. I honestly hate the layout of those things. No option to search for images and most of them have a fairly limited selection of images and no categorization to browse by. The got mentioned on that one article and it kind of took off from there. I think they may have just had connections with guys with a lot of blog followers.

Blog comment or mentions helps in creating valuable back links but first your should need to evaluate your website in respective business niche. Does it really deliver what visitor looking for? Be active on social medias to make some noise what you are offering. Use Google search and find articles, bloglists, and business profile directories to share more about you.

I’ve been trying to figure out social media for a while now, how do I utilize that to its full potential?

If anyone here has a decently popular design/development/resources blog. Please PM me, maybe we can work something out.

Basically I want to know if any Sitepointers know some popular webmaster or design sites or resources sites I can submit my site to(preferably for free) to get a feature.

Try out these two communities Behance, Bleidu to share you profile. Hope this work for you.

Thanks, but those are really resource or blog communities. They are more like for hire places like e-lance for people looking for contract jobs.

I’m looking for places kind of like sitepoint that write these kinds of articles with links to resources in them like:

so I can get my site listed in such links.

Hope you find some good stuff here.

I actually get some traffic from thenuschool as I am mentioned in that article. Thanks for the other two though.

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