How to get international traffic?

I have two hip hop websites
A hip hop community and a hip hop t shirt website
Then I also have a dating affiliate website.

Who has services specifically for targeted traffic for my niche??
Or what website service can I use that I can get targeted traffic.
Mainly international!! Like from china and the U.k.

What are the best services out there that you have tried…that I can use to get this type of traffic??

Ill Pay for traffic also. PM please with details.
Or post a reply in the thread if you have any details

thanks ahead of time!!!

I would recommend you to enter any affiliate network, which has affiliates for niches you mentioned.
Some affiliate networks are focussed on specific niches like yours.

Promote your website on (.com) version of Search engines , you will definitely get international traffic.

Since you are willing to pay, why not use Adwords and specify which
countries your ad should show?


doing SEO method (on page and off page) more better …
it’s very effective to helping increase traffic and PR for you’re website …

On Page Optimization :
choice and improving keyword in url, title, content / pages, keyword tags …

Off Page Optimization :
article submission
forum submission
internet marketing
press release submission
blogging (walking and commenting)
social bookmarking
social networking

Thanks for sharing

as long as you are on search engines under your specific nation then there is not reason you can’t get your international traffic that you are looking for.

Find out the main search sites, ad networks, and communities for the specific countries you want to target. There is no single method that works across all countries.

Google is the top search engine for most countries but not all. Yandex is top in Russia and Baidu in China. Also, don’t assume every country uses the same social media either. If you target some countries in Europe they have their own version of Facebook.

IMO, search for UK based search engines & submit your website there. If possible develop a page in the local language too.