How to get htm file


Can i ask some help with you.I want to have htm file from a certain this possible? can i make the htm file or download it…just like in the javadocs htm…because when i am trying to download the htm file in a certain website or webpage,it will download the htm and it will create a folder containing all the script.but what i want is same as the javadocs htm file.can you help me please with this…

Thank you in advance and i am hoping for you positive response.

This varies from browser to browser. But, in most cases, if you choose the “Webpage complete” option when saving the page, you will get a single file. I think this will be what you are looking for (if I’ve understood your requirements correctly).


Well…I think you can have this through viewing the source file of that page and than save it as .htm files so it will come in your hands.

Hi,Thank you for the reply…okay i will try your suggestion…

Hi donwload it already and then i tried to make chm file.but when i clicked on the link it will pop up a script it is annoying.can you help me please how i can make this htm file to chm.THank you in advance

I did a quick search for “convert html to CHM” and found several options, including this and [URL=“”]this. :slight_smile:

Hi,TechnoBear thank you for this link,i will try this and i will write back to you if i get trouble.