How to get a complete database of web hosting providers ip

Iam admin of a popunder ad network, we get lots of unwanted, auto-generated, un natural traffic. So we are planning to blacklist all the web hosting providers ip. I have completely searched the web but unable to get the complete database of ips.
Do anyone having idea about it that how to manage such kind of traffic.

Are you suggesting you want to block all web hosting providers, or just all IP addresses belonging to certain troublesome ones?

The former sounds to me to be rather a case of overkill. For the latter, you might find this useful:

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Thanks for the reply TechnoBear,

I want to block all the ips of web hosting providers, for example OVH, Hostgator etc.

Let’s ask the question a different way. Do you know the IPs of the people you want to serve files to?

If so, you could simply blacklist all IPs and whitelist the ones you want to serve files to.

That sounds like the right way to go. If all web hosting providers are to be blocked then there shouldn’t be many IP addresses left that are not to be blocked.

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