How to get 500 backlinks within one day

Recently I received a report from an expert in SEO where it said I needed 500 domains link to get my website to occupy the first page of Google, since then I’ve been wondering what the cheapest way to get backlinks. Any idea?

I’m afraid your SEO “expert” is talking rubbish. Getting 500 (or any other number) of backlinks will not necessarily get you on the first page of Google. And even if it did, that would only apply to genuine links that other sites decide to give you, not to links that you acquire yourself.

I suggest you fire the SEO guy, and put your efforts into developing the best possible site that people will actually want to link to.


I suggest you stop and think about what your “expert” said, before rushing off to do anything.

If all it takes to reach the first page of Google results is 500 incoming links, then everybody with a site would set out to get 500 links. Easy. Except that clearly, not everybody is going to be on the first page of Google.

The most important thing for ranking your site is to have high-quality, unique content. Work on that, and other sites will choose to link to you - high-quality, incoming links which cost you nothing and which are actually worth something. Low-quality links which you can easily place yourself in directory sites and similar are now pretty worthless, as far as Google is concerned.

Buying links which pass PageRank is against Google’s TOS, and may lead to your site being penalised.

Your SEO Expert is thinking in wrong way. No one can get any number of back links on the same day.

For example, if you are doing 50 submissions on a day and you consider that you will get 50 back links from it then it’s not possible because each and every websites are working according to their rules and regulations.

Check out Fiverr. There are some awesome SEO packages that are available at dirt cheap prices.

Check out Fiverr for what? To find an SEO “expert” who will offer better advice than that which the OP was originally given?

I think the key that you’re looking for is that you need QUALITY over QUANTITY of backlinks. It used to be very popular to do guest posts to get them, but this has become so common that it is becoming less desirable to get backlinks that way. If you’re just starting out, there are quite a few good ideas at this site:

I don’t know that I wholeheartedly agree with everything on there…but it’s a place to start if you’re looking for a place to start! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps you as you try to rank higher.

Sounds like that’s where he got his current “SEO Expert”.

There are tons of websites offfering linkbuilding services. I just found a website few days backs offering high quality links just for $8. but as far as my experience in SEO link purchasing dont work.

Read my post #3 above. Not only does it not work, but it’s against Google’s TOS and may actually result in a penalty for your site.

Getting 500 backlinks within one day is impossible, more to that Google will start dropping you. Gaining natural Links and updating your content freshly will make your website comes to first page of google.

They are right, think a bit more about it. I don’t say it is impossible but you have 2 choices: 1) get google drop down your website or 2) if you are lucky you could do over 500 backlinks /day but is risky. Is much more than spam.
I have my own methods but you need patience.
At least i do intensive keyword research for days on a subject or a site and i don’t do spam i rank to big trusted websites first, and if i give a bit of spam i do just few backlinks each day.

So better think a bit before to make a step and don’t throw out your money. You won’t get anything with that.

You can’t get 500 backlinks in a day, If your seo expert told him to learn google terms and conditions checklist

Thanks everyone

We all agree - No, don’t do it
No point in repetitive comments

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