How to gain Instagram followers and views?

Hi how can i organically bring followers and views to my instagram account? i have created posts with niche nature. anything related to nature including travel,conservation etc

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Tricky question. Unfortunately, things that really gain popularity on social media is viral and/or sexy/ai model stuff. For example, look at Milla Sofia’s profile. Milla is, an AI model who does not exist in the physical world but has 89,000 followers! And that number is growing every day!

If you want to get lots of views and followers, try posting lots of content. Share your account with your friends and hope that they like, comment and follow. Once you have a good number of followers and post likes, Instagram will put your account in the “suggested accounts” list more often, which will get you more followers and post likes. The hardest part is starting, but once you’ve gotten enough content, followers and post likes, things will start to go much faster.

All in all, it’s hard to answer a question like this, of the few tips I’ve heard of it’s :
-Publish high quality photos
-Use appropriate hashtags in your posts
-Use hashtags in your bio and instagram Stories
-Publish when your followers are browsing instagram
-Like and comment on other users’ posts
-Test different types of content
-Write better descriptions

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