How to force the video to be cached?

The php script I’m using - video web site - displays a video when selected. Do web videos typically get cached in the PC or device that’s viewing the video? If not, is there a way to force the video to be cached in the viewers pc or device?

Seems not, although browsers vary. You can force video content to be cached via .htaccess, but I don’t like the idea of shoving things down the user’s throat, TBH. Ideally, the user would be given an option, say via HTML5 application cache?

Thanks for your reply.
How can video content be cached via .htaccess? Any guidance will be appreciated.

Perhaps try something like the accepted answer here:

If you want the movie to still be “cached” the next time the visitor access your website, then this is normally not possible.

The reason is that this depends on the visitors browser cache size settings, and a movie is normally larger than the max cache settings most people use.

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