How to fix zoom-in and zoom-out button position while enlarging images?

Hi there

This is my jsfiddle

I am trying to enlarge the Image but I want that position of both button(zoom-in,zoom-out) should remain fixed only Imgae will enlarge on it

2)I want to replace zoom-in and zoom-out function using a seekbar for this purpose

How can I do this?

Made using jQuery UI’s slider and draggable



you are awesome.Exactly I am looking for

Suppose I want to add some text like 0 to 100
is it possible in your code?


I have used external Jquery and JQuery Ui hosted version

but not working

  1. You’ve added them in wrong order, jQuery should come first, then jQuery UI (as it depends on jQuery Core)
  2. If you’re using external files you need to include CSS as well (jQuery UI theme)

Fixed here:

There a lot of error in console when I run this on chrome

I don’t see any errors in my console

yeah its fine working

my mistake :smile:

you can delete this and that previous post

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