How to fix the responsive theme problem reported by google?

Dear Friends,
On using google mobile friendly test i got 2 errors as

  1. Clickable elements too close together

  2. Content wider than screen
    I tried alot to fix this issue. But no result yet. My style.css file in wordpress theme is : and my web site url is

Please advise how to change this css file attached…



The problem is, this not a responsive theme.
This has been designed as a rigid site. There are lots of fixed widths and heights so it’s not fluid at all.
The css will need quite a bit of work to become responsive.
You can start by changing width properties to max-width, then at some point you will probably need media queries.
But being a WP site, it may be easier to just get another theme which is responsive.


Dear SamA,

I fixed the first problem. But still the problem “Content wider than screen” exist. I am using 960 css for the design. My code for 960 css is How to fix that for responsive nature, I am new to responsive concept.

Waiting your fast reply



How fast is that? It was yesterday. :slight_smile:


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