How to fix soft 404 errors?

Hi my website got 141 Soft 404 Errors.How can i solve this problem? This is my website

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A link to your site is useless,
Have you tried what Google suggests?


I have noticed 500 server error and soft 404 errors in Google webmaster tools. How to resolve? Could any one help me out.

My observations and assumptions:

  • We have seen these urls are old which we have rewrited (but didn’t set 301 redirect after rewriting) and some are outdated content urls.
    -Some of the 500 server error urls - we have made it into customized 404 errors. This has resulted into soft 404 errors.
  • Increased server response time. We have noticed some of the 500 server errors dropped down. But after some days, reverted again to huge number.

Examples of 500 server errors:

Examples of Soft 404 server errors:

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