How to fix footer at the bottom of the page


i want to set the position fixed at the bottom of the page ,it works on the android ,but in samsung galaxy II it doesnt play that fixed at the bottom of the page. footer scroll when i scroll down the page and fixed at bottom it stop at the bottom of the page. help me to solve this problem.

ya i have tried with that,if i scroll some of the empty space append at the end of content,and added some space at the bottom of the footer.
can you give the sample code for using absolute position to fix footer at bottom .

Best bet is to use iscroll4 since fixed positioning is not supported on many devices which makes the task just about impossible without JavaScript.

iscroll4 is not worked in android devices ,if i used there is i couldnt make click on the textbox ,sometimes its hard to scroll

No issues with Androids that I am aware of.

Android native browser support the property position:fixed,but in the firefox browser in android,the position fixed not support ,it behave like fixed elements are scroll with while i scroll down the page. like this page, how do solve this any solution for this ?

There are no good solutions to this problem. Everything you come across can be considered a hack and will have inherit down falls. After trying several solutions myself I believe the one I recommend to be the best in isolation from a mobile framework such as; JQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch 2. Both of those frameworks have their own internal mechanism of dealing with this issue. However, if you are not using a such a framework the choices are pretty limited. I mean the author(s) of the book Build Mobile is actually where I learned about iscroll4. So it must be a dcent solution otherwise would not have been exactly how they recommend solving this issue in the Build Mobile book itself – no?