How to fix copyright images problem?

Hi everyone. I’m new here, this is really a good place to discuss problems.
I’m a web developer and working on some personal blogs.
My issue is copyright images. can any one belongs to SEO help me to fix this?
How can i make images from google copyright free? please suggest me possible ways to fix my problem.
please also suggest me some good free Plagiarism checker tools too.

Draw them yourself and put them on Google.

Seriously though, you cant ‘make images copyright free’. You can find royalty-free images on google by… typing that into google. But you can’t magically make something that is copyrighted… un-copyrighted.


There are a number of sites which offer royalty free images to download, often at no charge. I’ve used Pixabay, but an Internet search will provide more options.

You can filter Google Images searches for usage rights.

The only way would be to contact the owner and ask for permission, which is a long shot.

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Should be noted that this does not make the copyright go away - it’s asking the copyright holder to license you to use the copyrighted work. But yeah, if you can get permission to use it, then you’re good to use it.


You should use images that are designated for this type of use. There are many sites that offer free stock images that you can use legally for blog post, etc.


Don’t use images you find on Google!

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