How To Fix Charging Problem Vivo V20

Hello Everyone I Just Want To Know That Recently My vivo V20 Charging Is very Slow Whenever I Insert The Charger Flash charging Option Not Shown I Just Want To ask threw my Thread That is This Charging Problem in my charger or phone Jack

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Theses forums are for web developers. I’m not sure you’ll get much help here.

i have posted in mobile forum

The mobile forum is for development of mobile apps!

But Someone Has Posted Our Complain There

So what happened when you called the phone numbers on the Vivo website and spoke to…yaknow… actual Vivo support?

It is indeed, and I have therefore moved this thread back to the more appropriate Community forum.

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ok thanku for your advice

Yes many People Facing This Problem That’s why I Asked This Question

You’ll find multiple posts on the Internet addressing this issue, if you try a quick search:


  • Try using a different cable and charger, preferably the original ones that came with your phone.
  • Make sure your phone is running the latest software update.
  • Occasionally, software glitches can cause charging issues. A simple restart might help.
  • If you suspect any rogue apps could be affecting battery performance, try uninstalling recently installed apps or disabling unnecessary background apps.

If none of them then must contact with Vivo customer support, they can help diagnose the problem further and advise on next steps, possibly including warranty repairs.