How to find Unicode character in Javascript code?

In my javascript code, I keep getting this type of same error whenever I run my application in IE11 browser.

It runs fine in Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Is there a way I could find unicode in my javascript code which might be causing this error? There are no console.log errors shown in IE11, chrome and Firefox. I didn’t expect anything in Chrome and Firefox since code is working fine.

Also, is IE11 expected to be less efficient? Is that the reason I keep getting such error?

Sorry, but “type of same error” isn’t much to go on. TBH, I have my suspicions that the problem doesn’t involve unicode.

Please post an example of code that is erroring and the error message(s) the browser console is giving.

Here is an example of the code:

var say = functіon(message) {
  return message;


When you compare that with another function, you should notice the the word function is correctly syntax-highlighted as black:

function doSomethingElse() {

That’s because the first set of code has a non-ascii character as the letter ‘i’ in the word function.
However, even Chrome cannot run that code without error.

What is your code that runs fine everywhere else except for IE11?

If that’s the case, why in the world are you running a function with an incorrect character?

It should be easy enough to open the file in your editor and convert the encoding no?

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