How to find the updated value from the mysql table

Dear all

I want to know the updated value.

I am fetching the table values in a form to allow the user to modify them.

Now I want to know which values he has modified.

Please help me to resolve this


In the script that receives the form values, get the original values from the database and confront them.

hey! you original values! what the heck are you doing there!

i think you mean compare, not confront :wink:

Yes, I knew it wasn’t the correct word, but “compare” just didn’t come to mind :smiley:
Let’s hope the OP understood anyway.

Thanks, I will do that and check the result

MySql or Sql server does not keep the track of updated value in the table,although mySql can find the last inserted record if the table has an column with auto increment property .

rajeev, i don’t think you understand the question

he’s asking how to know which form values the user changed

then i was just replying regarding MySql behavior as i know.although i m not expert in php and mysql.