How to find new competitors with low but increasing visitors?

I am wondering if there is a website that I can use to find new competitors that have recently launched that still have low traffic yet showing growth.

I’ve used and when I search our site or our competitors that receive the most traffic it will usually just show other very popular competitors which I am already aware of.

I would think a website in which you can find new competitors that have launched within the last few months or at most last year should exist as it is of course extremely important to be aware of new competitors that might have the potential to take away some of your market share.

The problem with such queries is, it is hard to exactly know who you are competing with. Here’s a workaround you can consider: Instead of looking for competitors directly, monitor keywords you are targeting.

For example, if you are targeting ‘investigation firm in NY’, type the keyword in Google search and list down the results (businesses) you see in the first two pages in an Excel sheet. Those are the competitors you need to worry about. You can further filter competitor based on the factors you mentioned above.

Can you offer some unique tips on how to make my similarweb analyzing more accurate?

I also use similar web. I think it’s the best extension in this case.

The best answer is to search in verious search engine and get the list

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How will the OP be able to obtain the information about traffic that he wants from search engine results?

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