How to find a JavaScript Freelancer

where can i order a javascript code please? i have some specifics to add!!

Welcome to the forums, @tyadsss.

If you’re asking where you can post on the forums to recruit coders, the answer is that you can’t. The forums are for discussion, rather than for doing business.

If you are just wondering how to go about finding a freelancer, then I can move your question to a more appropriate section of the forum for you.


Take me there please.

You would like advice on where to hire a freelancer?

Yes please. Where and how can I get a freelancer?

@StevenHu: could you perhaps give a little guidance to somebody using those sites for the first time as to how to judge the competence/quality of anybody they’re thinking of hiring? Finding freelancer sites can be done with a search engine; knowing how to make the best use of them is another matter.


I didn’t think of that, but answered the question directly. This provokes me to try to come up with fuller answers next time.

Based on what I’ve seen on these sites, the sites have rating systems, with comments on why the customers rated the freelancer they hired as they did. Choosing those with the highest ratings that are similar to your coding requirements would be appropriate.

Find out what experience and training the coder has. What kinds of projects has he done?

It would require that we have a very good idea of what the code is supposed to accomplish, so we can explain everything carefully.

Note what will the code will run on – Mac desktop? Windows phones? App for toasters? – so the coder will have the best chance of coding to the project. This probably doesn’t apply to JS, though.

Have a time frame for the project so the coder will know whether he can handle a rush project.

We should be ready to give him any code already written so he can test it with, if appropriate.


It depends on your specific requirements. For example, if you would like to get the code from scrap, it’s better to post your project on freelancing website for bidding. As developers will bid there, you will get your work done in the least possible amount.

However, if your task is not that big, (I mean of a whole project level) you should try micro jobs platforms like Fiverr or Broxer. Freelancers on such micro job platforms are more used to such type of tasks, and they do it happily.

I would suggest the following websites for your project:
Freelance Based:

Microjobs Based:

Just want to hear some feedback from you guys, which online platform between the two is the best? Planning to start my online career. Thanks

Upwork is very strict with eligibility of sellers whereas on Freelancer anybody can start selling his/her services. Upwork would not allow you to join them as a seller straightaway.

A comment like that is no use to anyone @mehakaggarwal1918 without clear reasons. Why do you say this?

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