How to filter this block and update wp_create_user


Is it possible to filter this block to update wp_create_user:

 $validation_error = apply_filters('registration_errors', $validation_error, $login, $mail);

            if (!$validation_error->get_error_code()) {
                $login = sanitize_user($login, true);
                $user_id = wp_create_user( $login, $password, $mail);
                $userd = get_user_by('ID', $user_id);

I would like to be able to modify the wp_create_user function runtime. So it would execute this:

$user_id = wp_create_user( $code ._. $login, $password, $mail);

At the moment this is hard-coded in the plugin.

Thanks for any tips.


Well, you can append a string to the login, yes, but i’m not sure I see the point in tacking a string in front of the user’s login, as they will need to then put that full string in when logging in.

Yes I understand why you’d wonder that. Basically the login is handled by SMS with the mobile number, the username is just being created in a way that the client wants to see it in the admin table.

In other words the user isn’t logging on with the username. The username just needs to be a country code, a underscore and the login which is the $login.

There may be a better way to do that, but at the moment I just wanted to see if i could do it this way, witha filter.



Well, other than wrapping the underscore in quotes, your code should work as written.

Okay - yes it works but it’s hard coded, i want to update that block with that code but i don’t understand if it’s filterable.


Well, where does the plugin get its value for $login?

It’s from the mobile input field you choose your country code, input your mobile it send and sms you verify it and it creates the username, it’s the username I need to modify, it’s never used to log back into the site, since you always use your mobile and get a OTP code. I can easily do this, by hard-coding it but it would need to be filterable. I thought I might be able to hook into it with the add filter. This is what I’m not sure about!

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