How to Fetch Data of a Public Domain Website to our own Website

How can we Fetch Data of a Website without having access to its Database files to our own website? what language can be used to do so ?

Example: We have our own website which needs some data for our clients the data is openly available to public which we require, but we cant access the database files of the same. How shall we fetch that data on our own website?

Have you contacted the web sites you want to fetch the data from? They may be able to provide it for you.

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they cant provide access to there database

You don’t want access to their database.
What you want is their API


Some types of data, such as homes and apartments, are provided by companies in a database format. You can purchase the use from them. Example:

It’s possible the website you are communicating with are not the originators of the data. You can ask from where they get the info from so you can access it.

Or as Mittineague said, ask the web site programmers for their application programming interface (API). With that, you’ll integrate it into your code and pull the info from the database right onto your page. For instance, Twitter provides an API to developers so the developer can pull their Twitter stream out of the Twitter database onto their own web page. Hope this helps.

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